About Us

At Eleos Hospice, we strive to set an example of how hospice care is supposed to be provided.


Facing a serious or life-threatening illness requires both courage and support. The leadership at Eleos hospice is here to help.

Khalid Khan
Khalid KhanPresident
Brittany Khan
Brittany KhanVice President & Nurse Practitioner
Dr. David Johnson
Dr. David Johnson Medical Director

Why Eleos?

Eleos was an ancient Greek Goddess who personified compassion, reconciliation, care, and mercy. As she personified those qualities, we intend to personify those qualities in the care we provide for our patients and their families.

The tree is a symbol of eternal life, branches of family, the circular nature of life, and immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal. It is a symbol of growth, strength, family and connection.

Our Promise

Our mission at Eleos Hospice Care is to provide exceptional care through our caregivers compassionate hearts who focus on respect and dignity for our patients through exceptional service. Our care will be innovative and progressive in our approach to provide a community service to our patients, families and stakeholders.

Our vision for the organization is simple: be the national leader in progressive and innovative care in hospice. We are out to change the way that hospice is provided in the United States by innovative ideas, technology, and resources to provide the best care possible.

Our vision for our patients is simple: exceptional care through exceptional service. We are out to treat every patient and family member as individuals. Every person matters. Every story is important. No one will ever feel alone through the use of compassionate care, innovative technology and commitment to excellence.

Our vision for our employees is simple: developing people and putting our team in a position to be successful both individually and collectively. By developing a healthy work/life balance, our team will be productive, dedicated and caring. By having a commitment to high standards, continued education and training, and personal/professional development, this team will be involved in a culture which cultivates drive, success and celebration.

Our vision for the community is simple: be a resource and a community service. Our goal is to be a resource to patients, families, referral sources, and the community by breaking down barriers in end of life education and advanced care planning which can be obstacles to care.

With over 20 years of hospice experience, we wanted to create a company which is a leader in innovative care, progressive staffing, technology and exceptional community service. We believe hospice care can be better. We believe that we have a responsibility to reinvest in our patients, their families, our employees, technology and our community. We believe that our community deserves better.